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Postpartum Depression

*This is a paid listing and not an endorsement. Please use due diligence when choosing a service or provider. Pomegranate should not be held responsible for problems related to persons or businesses on this list. All resources are listed alphabetically.

Pathways: A Postpartum Support Group

Six week series regularly offered with MarinHealth to women (and babies) to ease postpartum challenges.

Marin Perinatal Therapy


Directory of perinatal health and education providers in Marin County.

(415) 413-7130

Judit Colbert LMFT


Supporting women and their families with postpartum depression, phase of life issues, relationships and parenting. Individual, couples and group therapy sessions.

(415) 902-1386

Katharine Hatch, PhD


Private practice supporting birth trauma, postpartum depression, and facilitating the Pathways Postpartum Support Group.

(415) 419-3539

Morgan Howson, LMFT

(415) 690-9668

Jamie Katoff, MFT

(415) 2550-2502

Margot Kirschner, Psy.D.

(415) 504-2634

Gina Borelli-Moore, LMFT

(415) 460-6390

Shannon Myers

(415) 454-5191

Jennifer Norstrom, LMFT


(415) 448-6478

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