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Pregnancy is as unique as the humans that we birth. Yet, we all share the experience of incredible growth and huge identity shifts. The passage from pregnancy to parent is not meant to be done alone. We invite you to be a part of our vibrant community through our mom’s groups, childbirth prep workshops, yoga classes with childcare, and parenting education. Find your people and your center as you flow into motherhood.

Movement Classes


Prenatal Yoga

Connect with your body, your baby, and your prenatal community. Pregnant people in any trimester will build strength, practice breathwork and mindfulness, stretch tight hips and shoulders, and try out positions for labor in our prenatal yoga classes.


Mindful Flow Yoga

A well-rounded yoga class open to all, including prenatal and postnatal people, designed to help you embody your life through powerful poses, yogic breath and teachings, and cues for practicing compassion and mindfulness. Sunday Mindful Flow is open to

men and women.


Pods are our way of supporting you as you balance parenting, work, family, community demands, and your own wellness.

Our Pods are made up of 10-20 moms doing life together. Podmembers gather online for yoga, guided conversation, mindfulness and parenting tools, and friendship. Pods include 3-4 yoga classes/week with the same two teachers as well as monthly connection circles, occasional outdoor yoga classes, and discounts on workshops. 

Join a Prenatal Pod, Postnatal Pod, or MomPod today!


New Students


Childbirth Preparation Classes

Our childbirth classes are taught by doulas with experience supporting hundreds families through birth and the fourth trimester. They have studied and experienced what truly makes birth work and create an environment where you can ask questions and process your concerns. Our classes are intimate and comfortable, taught in a non-medical setting.


Birthworks: 3-hour Childbirth Preparation 

with Mollee Franklin

Join 4-5 other expecting parents to learn fact-based information on the stages of labor, oxytocin, common hospital procedures. 3 hours that allows for time to tailor the class to your concerns/hopes and to ask questions.


Prenatal Partners Conscious Birth

with Elizabeth Shelhart

3 hours to practice comfort techniques, breath, acupressure, and labor positions with your primary support person.


The Early Weeks 

with Jackie Davey

Prepare for a confident and connected postpartum experience. Foundational class for building family life from the inside out, starting with your partnership and values. Content includes pelvic floor and birth recovery, baby care information, babywearing, diapering and

infant development.


Breastfeeding Essentials

with Katie Oshita

2 ½ hours of all things feeding. Learn about latch, feeding positions, mastitis, establishing supply, tongue tie, and pumping  --before it’s an emergency.

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