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It Takes a


Awards 2020

The 4th Annual Village Awards for North Bay

Birth and Parenting Professionals


We created the It Takes a Village Awards because, at Pomegranate, we hear countless stories of the outstanding professionals who go out of their way to help create a village for new families. These awards publicly acknowledge and honor their dedication, love, and service.

Pomegranate will take public nominations by emailing and a nominating committee will meet in May to tally the public nominations and to announce the finalists for our 13 categories.

Outstanding Pediatrician

Outstanding Midwife (Home)

Outstanding OB/GYN

Outstanding Perinatal Therapist

Outstanding Birth Doula

Outstanding Women’s Health PT

Outstanding Postpartum Doula

Outstanding Chiropractor

Outstanding Midwife (Hospital)

Outstanding Sleep Consultant

Outstanding Lactation Consultant

Outstanding Acupuncturist

Outstanding Childbirth Educator

We look forward to seeing your nominations!

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